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Corporate Background

Shenzhen SIJIE computer technology is a fifteen years history of the development of IT enterprises, is the world's largest independent manufacturer of Kingston memory products the United States (Kingston) products agents, the world famous brand Apotop products distributor in China such as Taiwan,Hongkong Junshi memory module of JunSi general agent in China, have established the Citrix Century Investment Limited company, industry involved in industrial projects, investment projects, IT products import and export, distribution, business investment, management consulting, advertising and media of foreign trade and economic cooperation in a variety of industries.The company has long been engaged in IT market marketing operation, brought together many years of products and channels to promote the experience, with professional marketing management, over the years to create a professional, dedicated marketing management team, with extraordinary strength service platform.Product marketing of the performance of 15 years always leading in the industry, in the industry enjoy a relatively high visibility and reputation.

Take the customer as the center of the operating mechanism and service system, to enhance the running efficiency of the use of ERP, and for IT's overall ability to provide solutions, is a professional fully reflect the value of SIJIE.

SIJIE to "tree team, stresses integrity, argue innovation, pragmatic" as the core values of enterprises, the rapid development in recent years SIJIE continued to achieve professional and integrity of the business goals.

More than 10 years, SIJIE group is committed to the building of corporate culture, "let the SIJIE become respectable business" is always the goal pursued by SIJIE.Create a favorable business environment, build the experienced management team, excellent occupation attainment of the staff team, to contribute to the community, with customers and win-win development, let the SIJIE has become the industry influence, social responsibility of the enterprises.


Brand JunShi

      Chun Shi (JunShi) is Hong Kong Chun CiTL founded in 2003 to store brands, decade or hard work and development, Shi Chun innovation, the constant changes in technology evolution, as always, adhere to innovation and quality control, to provide users with high-profile high-performance, high-quality products, won the industry and consumers in general support and praise.

      Chun Shi set up in Taiwan, manufacturing, R & D center dedicated to technical limitations breakthrough innovative products, with the most competitive expertise and high-quality supply of core components, the introduction of highly differentiated and stability complete the full range of memory modules product line to provide the most timely and efficient storage solutions.

      From its inception to provide memory modules, launched in 2014 SSD products, product line covers the entire semiconductor DRAM to the FLASH. Chun Shi package expected from the Commission have been stringent testing process, and fully guarantee the perfect product quality core components, so that Chun Shi products to maintain consistent high performance.

      Chun disabilities has improved, compact layout of marketing for the market characteristics, the development of differentiated marketing strategy to meet the market needs of the consumer electronics area. And To enhance customer service, product lifetime warranty Chun disabilities, to provide customers and consumers with the most intimate, peace of mind, rest assured that after-sales warranty and protect their best interests.

     Shi Chun future will focus on serving the advanced storage products business, focus on continuous R & D investment, its memory and solid-state hard drives and other storage products will better grasp the market opportunity to further strengthen relations with partners, to provide users high-quality, high-performance storage products.


 For more than a decade now, SIJIE Technology has been at the for-front of flash memory card reading and writing technology. As customer's needs change, we will endeavor to maintain our leadership and to develop cutting-edge products. We will adopt a time-to-market policy so that customers are the first to take advantage of every new and successful development made in our laboratories. This is SIJIE's cutting-edge to competitive-edge strategy - First in the field so that you are first to benefit!
Innovation and technical knowledge is our strength, but we rely heavily on the quality aspect for long term success. Therefore, we have implemented the strictest QC procedures and apply a check system in all phases of production. Furthermore to our refined manufacturing, our people remain the most important element in producing quality. We invest in training and offer a positive environment so that our people can focus on the tasks ahead, and to produce quality products we are proud about. They remain SIJIE's most valuable assets!

SIJIE is just half of the picture, the other half is obviously our customers. Without them - we will not exist! Therefore, every effort is to offer the very best in customer service. For sustainable business growth, we strive to building the strongest relationships and to breaking down the barriers of language and culture. We believe it's the only way forward and is delighted that our customers feel the same too.

With Innovation, Quality, and Service, brings Value. This is the end product of SIJIE's business ethics and remains the single most important element SIJIE offers to customers - Value in advanced cutting edge products - Value in high quality leading to high levels of customer satisfaction - Value in excellence of service. Everyone can benefit from buying the best!

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